Tips for Essay Exam

Exams are always challenging – students must control their emotions and they must put an order in their thoughts. But this is not that easy to do when you are facing an empty sheet of paper. This is why we have thought to offer you a few tips that will help you stay focused and calm.

According to essay writing companies online, you must keep in mind that an organized and clear essay will impress any professor!

What do to before starting to write?

Keep a calm and confident attitude and pay attention to the instructions. Carefully read the requirement and mark the keywords. In this way, you will know exactly what you are supposed to write in the essay.

How much time to assign to every task?

Make sure that in the end, you have plenty of time for a complete revision. According to the essay writing services recommendations, reviews are very important – during this process, one can eliminate essential mistakes! So if you have to solve 6 items in 60 minutes, take no more than 8 minutes for each exercise!

Start with the items that value the most

Some exercises are marked higher than others. Start with these ones and make sure to write a complete answer.
You can complete the rest of the items during the review. Usually, the less important exercises only need some short answers.

Understand the requirement

Many students who use college essay writing services are stating that they couldn’t complete the paper because they hadn’t understood the requirement.

So carefully read the instructions. What are they asking you do to? Do you have to analyze, to compare, to criticize or to contrast? You will know what to write as soon as you get the requirement.

Use your own words

As essay writing services online say, it is essential to make sure that you have understood the question. Put it in your own words and see if it has the same meaning. Try doing this until you get the right rephrasing.

Think twice before writing anything

Read all the questions and decide in which order you are going to answer them. Use a draft to note all your ideas and possible answers. In this way, you won’t forget about anything.

Start right out and don’t lose time with long introductions. Just enumerate the main points that are to be discussed in the essay, and then develop them in separate body paragraphs. Give actual examples to reinforce your arguments.

Essay writing companies are saying to pay attention to the structure, organization and writing style. These elements will make your essay look professional.

Use formal words and expressions, and try to illustrate your point of view as elegant as you can.

The essay structure

Start with an interesting and attractive first sentence. State the main idea of the paper and develop it in the first paragraph.

Then, in the body, create at least two or three different paragraphs. Each one should contain and develop a different idea. These paragraphs need a very short introduction, a theoretic part and a part with facts and examples, meant to back up your point of view.

Use connectors and key expressions like “in the first place”, “therefore”, “in the second place”, “on one hand… on the other hand”, “in my opinion”, “in conclusion”, etc.

Write a clear conclusion

Essay writing services warn us about one big mistake that students are keep making – they tend to introduce new ideas in the final conclusion. Never do that again!

The conclusion should only contain the original main idea and the results of each body paragraph. State your findings and your conclusion.

The final review

Now is the time to complete all the answers and to review the entire essay. Carefully read every word and check for spelling, grammar, language and punctuation mistakes. Make sure you haven’t introduced wrong numbers or dates. Also, see if your handwriting is clear! Correct any unclear letters/words.

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